School Fare Protagonist
Kana Undefined
Rōmaji Undefined
Sprites Undefined
Age Unknown
Address Undefined
Team Undefined
Weapon Undefined
Attribute Undefined
Last Resort Undefined
Original Appearance Undefined
Class Unknown
English voice actor(s) Undefined
 "You can't just give in too easily and just look on the positives."

—Zeph's quote about Optimism

Zeph Galvionez or by the full name of Zephyr Ricky Galvionez is one of the protagonists in School Fare.

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  • According to Zahasuki Harikuni, Zeph was an unconventional character created based on a mysterious teenager in his dream. Also, according to him, Zeph's original name was never clear since the guy wa mysterious, that is, until Zahasuki finalized Zeph's name in 2011.
  • Zeph has his own account in Facebook and like the others, he is someone can befriended with. His FB account name is "Zack Becker".

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