Zahasuki Harikuni is the prime director, writer, producer and promoter for th School Fare media. He had been altering his ideas since he was a child[1]. Zahasuki is known to have two respective alter egos, namely Allan Zahyn and 

Early LifeEdit

Zahasuki Harikuni was not a real Japanese[2]. He said that he was born after both Western colonial and imperialism as well as the Japanese communism.

He was born Muslim, his nickname(as dubbed by his father) was quite heavy related to his 'since born' condition, hence 'Alang' (Uhh-lung) which homophones with the word 'lung'. He was an asthmatic, but his level of asthma was low. He once said that his condition is quite unusual, for someone who is an asthmatic, they are prone to fainting or collapses. He said that he wasn't kidding, as he never experienced real fainting. He was born an ectomorphic, small, but slim yet tall. His quirky behaviour was quite "girly" as he mentioned[3], but never "prissy" as he justified.

To to those 'attention' drawing features and characteristics, he was well-known to be a good cartoonist. His friends always said that, "You could really be a great artiste someday!". Zahasuki declined, keep saying to himself that, "It can't be that good...? But again.". Because of his denying the fact that he's a good cartoonist, he trained and trained until he doesn't need to copy others' works[4]. Despite that, he really likes to use characters by other media as spin-offs. He even sometimes speaks to them (imaginarily) to practice his grammar and properness in verbal communications.[5]


  1. "I taught of the entire series since I was 10 years old. But, in the previous state, its name was different as I was a child, I tried to 'steal' and use other media as 'reference'."
  2. "I'm not a Japanese, but my ancestors were linked to them somehow, but I can't really just blow my real name to you guys."
  3. "I was a really noisy, girly boy in my youth, since my voice was 'cute', I often try to impersonate other girls' voices and play pranks on other students."
  4. "Yes, as the matter of fact, I drew a lot of caricatures by copying the ones on mangas and posters."
  5. "I like to speak to characters from other medias(as well as my originals) to pratice my speech and to personify them better, like literally knowing them."

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