The Wrage is a Beast/Ursar-type enemy in the School Fare series. It is not a threat, and is docile until attacked. Wrages are pratically a very hard monster to beat at the start of the game for their high HP. The Wrages in Colossus Ruins are aggressive however. The first mission to hunt a Wrage will have an event when the party was sneaking up on them while one were sitting on a fallen tree while cewing one some berries.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Wrage's appearance looks heavily like a grizzly bear, only slightly more 'pudgy' in the cheeks. They have a white down fur reaching from the stomach to the pelvis. 

Page 2: ObservationEdit

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All Wrages spawns by coming out from a particular hole or bushes.

  • Any Bushes (Average)
  • Rocky Holes (Low)
  • Small Cavern (Low)


Wrage's name is based from the word 'rage'.

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