The "Worl" is the world that is made as a the fictional version of the real Earth. Like the Earth, Worl is a habitable planet, comprises of 2/3 water, 1/3 land and has many territories like continents, countries, states, ect.


In general, the Worl is the fictional counterpart of Earth that is- in the same time, coexists with the other realms. Its regions, landmass(shapes), and weather patterns are quite similar, with only few distinctions like names. Unlike Earth, the continents, regions, countries in Worl does not overrule the other. What outside of their territory is none of their business unless that territory is a free one or unclaimed/uncharted.

Occasionally, the landmasses on Worl experiences subsidences, causing drastical changes of the ground. These grounds are however, does not subsides too high or deep, their somewhat 'forms' the ground with the sudden manifestation of magick that interferes with the natural geographical changes. These changes, again are not at all dangerous or cause much damage. They however, forces people to move about the region seeking for a more stable grounds to stay. The subsidences on Worl causes the montaines, hills and mountains to have a vaguely unique shape, especially under more concentrated influence of magick.


The Worl and its Earth's reality counterpart shares similar history(popular ones). Most of their history shares similar themes instead of events. Historical figures of Worl are mostly unnamed, except for heroes, scholars as well as certain criminals that influences much of the culture within the community.

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