Wisdom or Sapience is a Primary Augment that is located in the Metamemory Axis.


Wisdom increases the character's Magick stat growth with each upgrades. Its coordinate is in the Metamemory Axis.

It increases base Magick growth by another 0.1, 0.21, 0.34, 0.47 and 0.52 with increasing levels respectively

Views and PerspectivesEdit

Wisdom is a natural human aspects that has exists notably alongside willpower, passion and is one of the cardinal virtues. Wisdom exists upon our first existence, although through experience, wisdom is often modified, transformed or changed, thus wisdom is basically perpetual, although it can barely be pure. Humans are gifted with one of the greates gift, wisdom and knowledge, which is the major aspect of life to understand and discover the new and old. Wisdom may also exist within animals and plants, although theirs are basically limited as their own wisdom are not as erratic as humans'. Wisdom allows us to perform for the better or by the alternatives. It also gives us the judgement about right and wrong, what's straight and deviated as well as what is and what not. Even without doing or achieving anything, wisdom will always exists within us, yet most are unnecessarily relevant to situations. With wisdom, it grant us the cognitive ability to perform judgement(choice) over our actions and opinions. Even the mentally impaired have wisdom, although due to their condition, their perspective is regarded as abnormal since their wisdom are mostly deviated, not necessarily lost. In religion, Wisdom is a major aspect which is often reverred by the humankind. One whom are skilled or talented are those gifted with admirable wisdom, as they are able to utilize their skills and knowledge with greater ease.

Zahasuki's QuoteEdit

"Wisdom is never forgotten as it will always exists regardless with or without life or death. Wisdom is achieved commonly through experiences and studies. For us, as long as we have wisdom, we have infinite possibilities in this world."

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