Wind(風, Kaze) or Air is a recurring element in the School Fare series. It is one of the most favorable elemental used. Wind elemental usually is combined with Weather type elements, making it mostly versatile. In fact, Wind elemental magick such a Typhoon Call and Cyclone Blast are both weather-type effects.


Wind is often in a form of gaseous, invisible to the naked eye and always has turbulence. Wind elements may inflicts the targets with FlinchedStagger and even Blown Away if they are blown with powerful enough Wind-elemental ability.

Wind is the opposition of Earth , somewhat Fire and Spatial. While it is closely associated with Weather.

Wind elemental effects(usually magick) can dispel the Area Effect of most Weather abilities. This makes them highly exclusive in terms of special case.

Wind-elemental units are relatively weak to Spatial, which surpresses their mass(in terms of size by lowering their Vitality and Resilience and sometimes Defense) and even inflicts Downed on them.

Wind spells which are still creating turbulence can be easily dispelled by SpatialEarth can be used to block any of their abilities with ease(with the exception of Kamaitachi's attacks)

Wind elemental may deals heavy damage to any property or elemental units with the combined attack from Weather, Sound (Element)Sound and/or Water elements.

Wind elements power are tripled if the targets are inflicted with Weasel Cut status.

Wind elements deals lesser damage and sometimes no damage to targets inflicted with Gravitize or Degravitize status.

Healing Wind-elemental abilities heals target varies with their Resistance to Wind elements.

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