Weakness Memorize is a feature that follows the Scanning feature. When an enemy is Scanned long enough or properly and thoroughly, their weak points, hence the Weakness Memorize. Although, to obtain this feature, one must upgrade(as in install) the Weakness Memorize plugin of the BiCom-nicator.


By Weakness Memorizing an enemy, it is possible to also 'view' their weak spots and weaknesses every time they are Scanned. Once a type of enemy has been Weakness Memorized, their weaknesses and weak spots information is available for revision in the Beastiary. Also, once memorized, with their weakness information in mind, every time they are scanned, the weakness can always be easily viewed when scanning.

Weakness Memorize doesn't automatically makes every character remembers the foe's weakness. When fighting against an enemy or more, Scanning and Weakness Memorizing them will cause allies to focus more about attacking their weakness or using attacks their weak to. Weakness Memorizing also works on a lot of enemies with the same type(name), this can be achieved by Weakness Memorizing a foe, then the rest will also be affected.

Note that Weakness Memorize works by allowing

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