Wands are Ranged weapons under the Magick sub-category.


Wands are small magickal sticks or apparel that is capable to performing magickal feats. Wands are used in conjurations and various incantations, yet are not used exclusively for direct offensives.

Wands have variety of effects depending on their types. Wands also have no base power as it relies entirely on the user's stats.

Features Edit

Wands have three major types, Simulacrum, Legerdemain and Surreallity. Each have different combos that determine its functionality.

Simulacrum Wands are proficient in causing confusions and trickery amongst enemies and even allies. Simulacrum Wands are famous for their capability in the sleight of hands, or magic tricks or simply 'illusions'. Their tricks does not deal damage, simply causing Confusion or Mesmerization. Every tricks cause by these wands also causes enemies to easily Stagger and Flinch, which really helps in tough battles. A truly amazing feat these wands can conjure is the Mirage, a special spell that cause many enemies Hallucination.

Legerdemain Wands are wands that is more towards masterful arts.

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