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 The Vinestag is a Beast/Pecoria-type monster in the School Fare series. They are generally docile, and none are posed to be a threat. Vinestags, like most of its Pecorias genus, looks like a deer with leavy anatomy.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Vinestags have a distinctively simlar traits of those of deers despite called stags. The only unusual physical traits about it is that it's legs sprouted some vines with ivy leaves. The leaves shed and grow at all time.

Page 2: Behavior and PhysiologyEdit

"This creature is highly favorable and lovable. But their nature is to the wild, so they are much less likely fond of encountering humans or developments. In certain rare occasion, the Vinestags in the forest will come skipping around a small pond in the forest and later drink from it. Then, they started to sleep and their vines transform them into a Decidouse."


The Vinestags barely appear prominently for their nomadic lifestyle. However, varying with the season, the Vinestags appear more frequently based on the area.


  • Ardia Grove (Average)
  • Raspian Great Cliff (Low)
  • Sol Heights (Average)


  • Dang'lin Bridge (Average)
  • Aman Skotch (Average)
  • Sol Shrine (High)


  • Lulisfull Valley (Low)
  • Shadowshade Woods (Average)


  • Mt. Incense (High)
  • Honnoji Shrine (Average)


Vinestag's name is based from vines and stag. Some of it has minor derivation from the the word "vintage".

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