School Fare Series Monsters
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Rank A+
Type Attribute
Aggressive Flying-Ranged
Class Property
Beast Aether
Genus Element
Godian Aether-Dark
57348 2733
SP Reach
9999 B
Latency Movement Speed
C+ 2.000
Strength Magic
49 45
Defense Resistance
57 47
Vitality Speed
53 51
Attack Dodge%
60 48%%
Dexterity Evade
57 35%%
Resilience% EXP
42%% 12000
CP Gil
75 300 - 1000
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- Weak 20% Resist 20% Resist 20%
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Immune Nullify Absorb 100% Misses
Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
Weak 70% Nullify - -
Dimension Blood Weather Aether
- Nullify Resist 10% Weak 15%
Sound Atomic Celestial Temporal
Resist 15% Immune Immune Nullify
Bestiary Location Devouring Towers
Location Devouring Towers (Pulsating Stairs)
Common Steal Torn Silk, Torn Batiste
Uncommon Steal Fine Denim
Rare Steal Glimmering Heart
Common Drop Torn Batiste
Uncommon Drop None
Rare Drop Eternity Heart, Solified Rage
Very Rare Drop Zephyr Coat, Geist Powder
Card Drop Vernichten, Godian Order
Common Poach Undying Heart
Rare Poach Geist Powder, Solified Rage
Attacks Slash, Reaping Slash, Pole Crush, Cyclone Flux, Killer Overdive
Abilities Haste, Torment, Slow, Stop, Silence, Blind, Frozen Fury, Blistering Blaze, Tremendous Thunder, Death, Flare, Shadow Force, Gravity, Gravira, Dark, Darkra, Blue Flare, Ardor
Innate Abilities Concurrence, Damage Bounce, Frisk, Reaper, Retaliation, Sleuth, Stagnation, Feint, Levitate, Tormentor, Repulsion, Counter, Counter plus, Wellspring
Immune to Death, Frostbreak, Poison, Miasma, Doom, Immobilize, Disable, Stumped, Flinch, Stagger, Frozen, Frostbreak, Slow, Stop, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Addle, Expose, Oil, Electrocute, Gravitize, Degadation
Other Information When HP <33%, Vernichten will be more prone to cast Torment, Slow, Stop, Blind, Death and Flare. Becomes far more prone to perform them when a Schattigen is around.

The Vernichten is a Beast/Worgodian-type enemy in the School Fare series. The first meeting with the Vernichten will have an event when a sudden burst of light struck onto a floating pedestal at the Cerulean Chasm in the Devouring Towers, then it will emerge and immediate strike at the characters. The combat mode will then engage almost seamlessly. Unlike most monsters that understands human language, it is the only one known to stutter with every words spoken.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Vernichtens are like werewolves, but wear vampire-style clothes. But more specifically it have a body like all of the ancient Eqyptian gods. While the muzzle is like a bear trap, the fangs have a dark, sticky yet gooey essence on them. It has no arms nor legs, just bandages large all over it' large lupine-style body shape with holes by the appendages. Freely with aerial mobility for it's hands, it has very large palms along with very sharp claws by the left while the other may expands exceedingly. Unlike the Schattigen, Vernichten can fly higher in mid-air.

Page 2: ObservationEdit

"When an ancient god dies, some essence from their once immortal soul. This essence will later become a restless light ray that travels violently across the atmosphere. Later, it possesses a mortal creature which calls upon the circular gleam of the night. This creature would then goes berserk unless the gleam is upon them, and havoc would be assured. Vernichten commands the Niedergang, usually two in its disposal, to harry the very living beings it wishes to."


Vernichten, like Schattigen, may spawns from a random mystical force, but rather differently than the Schattigen:

  • Void Spews (Low)
  • Anywhere from thin air (Average-Low) (Under a bright moon)

Vernichten can also be summoned using both Geist Powder and Eternity Heart at:

  • Devouring Towers (Hall of Dispute)


Vernichten's name is derived from the word "destroy" or "annihilate" in German.


  • Both of Vernichten and it's genus brethren, Schattigen have Germanic names.

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