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 The Vaicana is a Mythion/Vajra-type enemy in the School Fare series. They are indominatably very aggresive especially against magick users. It is only located on one location, the Forewarned Temple. Vaicana have the Unaware, Mistspring, Soulspring and Spellbreaker abilities which allows them to have dominance over opposing magick users. The first meeting with the Vaicana will have an event when the party walked into the area while experiencing a particular illusion. The Vaicana then transformed into it's true form from one of the party members. The shifted party member would be inevitably inflicted by the Omega-Zone effect.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

The Vaicana took a very discriminatingly similar appearance with the Buddhist celestial buddha, Vairocana. While most celestial buddhist are monk-like, the Vaicana has a chaotic appearance from time to time. It is constantly standing on a flower pedestal that emits some sort of mist from it. It has a particular marking on it's shoulder  that has a discrimanating appearance of the markings of a evil incantation. Some of the Vaicana may have no heads, so one may be confused to tell one from another.

Page 2: ObservationEdit


Page 3: Mythical OriginEdit

"When the god of the inner eye has received many blessings from his followers, he had began to rot and enamate by the second he received too much of it. By the minute, the people under him began to lose their inner eye, they started tto blame Vaicana. Vaicana was furious as he started to argue with the ones' below him saying that if they don't think their inner eye is not within their favor's description, might be better for them to never the light of anything. The Vaicana then chant a very ominous spell, as he chants, he eyes began to dissipates and he face starts to melt. The people was very scared that they ran away, thinking of Vaicana as a demon. Vaicana realize that if he is to lose something of what he does to something that opposes him, he decided that is should never be his adversary, instead, the path for his wroth."


Vaicana will spawn and appears by spinning out from the rifts of thin air with some thick purple mist:

  • Illusion Mist (Average)

Note that being too near with the emitted mist will cause Delusion to the character.


  • Vaicana's name is based solely from the celestial Vajra/ buddhist, Vairocana.


  • Although the poison of Delusion is oppose to the Buddha Vairocana, the Vaicana seems to have seeps in the poison too much. In conclusion making it an illuded-craze corrupted creature. This fact is similar to the Cu'chulainn in the Final Fantasy series, an original Scion whose actually roles to absorbs the world's pollution that it became a horrifying monster itself, which roles as the The Impure.

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