The Undying (不滅, Fumetsu) is in fact, a state which most Undeads like Ghosts and Zombies, may revive again for some time after their HP is reduced to 0.


Any Undead class enemies may retain this state as many time as they can. Because of this feature, Undead foes are best to be used in farming EXP and even loots.

This feature even let an ally who has been Zombified to resurrect as many time as they want. But if the Undying state has been exorcised, their body will be destroyed as well. They need to be resurrected by using a Save Point or a specific usage item for that matter, the Freya's Coil.


When an Undead or any character under the Zombie status is KO'd, they will engage into the Undying state. Note that neither the Undead or Zombiefied may assume the Soulified or the Mistified state(except for certain Ghost-genus enemies). The Undying state let their body be on the ground completely invulnerable, protected by a dark essence.

After a few moments(seconds), they will rise again regaining their previous state(as well for character with Zombie, still Zombiefied).

Despite the invulnerable state, the Undying state is completely vulnerable to Exorcising effects and even Resurrection effects. After inflicted by it, the state will be destroyed, so will their body or essence.


  • The Undying state is a type of feature which is derived from the 0 HP status attained by the Undead-type enemies in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
    • For each 3 turns, the Undead enemies may revive until their 0 HP status is destroyed by Exorcise or Burial or even Phoenix Down or Life/Raise and until the end of battle.

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