Umabari is a type of Sub-Weapon which are only equipped together with Katanas or Ninjatos. They are almost similar to the Kozukas in appearance, while Kozukas are used for throwing, Umabari is used for hidden attacks(melee).


An Umabari can be used to attack the enemy regardless of how they guard against an attack. The Umabari is specialized in breaking through the enemy defenses and then chained with the Katana for a devastating crash of attack.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Usaniga Bari(兎なばり) 18 20% Slow on hit 50 Always deal heavy damage against docile monsters
Furi Tsune(振りつね) 19 50 Aether-elemental damage
Kessho(結晶) 22 55

Gama Neko(蝦蟇猫)

25 55

Increases 10% Speed and Resilience on equip

Tsuku Hinata(付く日なた) 27 20% Flashed on hit 70 Always deal heavy damage against Mythion and Humanoid enemies
Amada Ni(甘田に) 28 80 Dimensional-elemental damage


  • The umabari is a small knife that is a variation of the kogatana, it fits into a pocket on the saya. It is a part of the Japanese Sword Mounting set. That is, it is completely optional for use since it mostly serve as an aesthetic decorative.

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