Tiger Fangs
Class Claws
Attack Power 29
Hit Style Slashing
Slashing Uppercut
Attack Type Slash
Additional Info None
 Tiger Fangs (虎の牙, Tora no kiba) is a type of Melee Weapon under the Claws class in the School Fare Series. It is known to be even more powerful against many types of enemies.


The Tiger Fangs is a full-covering glove with 3 metallic chain-like braces by the knucles. There is two, long and ivory-like canines on it by the length of 9 inch. While the gloves are black, and made from cotton, the chain is made from a mythril.

Physical FeatureEdit

The Tiger Fangs inflicts 20% more damage against all type of enemies except for Humanoid, Demi-Human, Mythion, Undead, Ghast and Dragon class. Attacking using it against them will never land any Effect Debuffs or critical hits.


  • The Tiger Fangs is a mock-up copy of the original Tiger Claws which is under the Knuckle class.
  • The Tiger Fangs's appearance is instead based from the distinctive feature of the saber-tooth tiger , an extinct, outrageously dangerous and aggresive beast believed to be the ancients of the big cats.

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