The novel, entitled "The Mind's Seam" is a spin-off graphic novel written by Zahasuki Harikuni under his psedonym "Allan Zhayn". The novelization started on September 17th 2014, just a day after Zhayn watched thge 2014 movie "The Maze Runner", which was a movie remake from the novel of the same name. The novel features some minor characters such as Kelly Adere, Peter Wievdxen and Abigail.


The world of Worl has been inflicted by the recurring case of mass hysteria called the "Hysterimia". It is a type of psychological diseases that infects people through those whom was first infected. Despite it being every nation's concern because it happens majorly on cities and town, it is still referred to as an endemic outbreak because the Hysterimia itself is a group of diseases, infecting only specific people with specific types.

Kelly Adere, a surveyor, set out to survey the Azure High Academy for any potential Hysterimia students. He is later revealed to actually be a government agent workinhg with the Chavental National Psychotics Agency(ChNPA). Marryl Sheffield, Annest Miguell, Hanare Magoitou, Florishe Carter, Marian Delia Philip, Farce Courshic, Wirtz Landber, Hazeal Galvionez and Zeph Galvionez were 'convicted' as being potential "Hysterimias"(infected people or carrier of Hysterimia) by Principal Mariam Thenq Sabrya. Many of their friends objects the idea of taking them away for testing, some protests aggressively until attacking Kelly Adere and the other two surveyors.

As they were being tested and diagnosed, the Hysterimias was concluded to have an abnormal brain activity, but somewhat the symptoms have not arised yet. This had cause great worry to the ChNPA because they expect their case of Hysterimia would be chronic or potentially fatal for causing brain damage. Marian Delia Phillip, reported having a series of very painful migraines over the past few days. The doctors diagnose her, and found out that her skull has a tiny crack on it. Worried, Marian burst into tears that she went into extreme indenial. She pounds on her bed so hard that it made her cried more, until her face turns bright red. She was sweating like a maniac, and her vein protrudes around her forehead. She later thrown a tantrum, went berserk even. The specialists had to subdue her by tranquilizing her 'neck-on'. After the event, she was sent into quarantine. The other Hysterimia come to a worry, the doctors were also greatly concerned about their fate. They later was also quarantined into separate rooms.

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