School Fare Protagonist
Terukiwa Nohate Hato
Kana テルキワ。ノハテ 。ハト
Rōmaji Terukiwa Nohate Hato
Sprites Undefined
Age 16
Address Koga Bathhouse, Haze Hills
Team Undefined
Weapon Glaives (Tzuzanka)

Brushes (Blind Spot)

Attribute Dimension


Last Resort Black Tide

Clone Split

Original Appearance Onimusha (Samanosuke Akechi)
Class Brush Envoy


English voice actor(s) Undefined
 "It's always the best way to choose our own than to follow others'."

—Hato's quote about Originality

Terukiwa Nohate Hato or simply Hato is one of the protagonists in School Fare series. He and Hamiwa are the first Brush Envoys to have ever been able to use Secret Brush Techniques in Azure High's record. His quotes are about 'Originality' and 'Responsibility', and he represents Zahasuki's habit to always follow other people around. He became one of the main characters after the Chapter: For their Sake.

Student CardEdit





Battle Edit

Abilities Edit

Name Type Command Description
Tachigami Celerity Ground-Rapid Analog Up+Attack Hato performs a quick, horizontal stroke with her celestial brush, damaging all enemies while penetrating their defenses. Ignores Vitality. Deals Dimensional damage.
Kazegami Zeal Ground-Tactical Analog Down+Attack Hato conjures a strong wind that blows away enemies. While doing so, creates a shielding wind that serves as a barricade which protects against coming enemies and projectiles. Deals Wind damage.
Horse Kick Aerial-Ballistic Analog Right/Left+Attack Performs a horse kick in mid-air while pushing self away from the target.
Sky Drive Aerial-Bombastic Analog Up+Attack Hato performs a spinning uppercut attack. He starts slow, but then rapidly increases his speed exponentially causing a massive explosion on hit.
Monarch's Calligraphy Ground-Defensive Analog Down+Selective Hato conjures a splatter of blank ink with her ink flask. He then invokes the ink to instantly move under all nearby allies' shadow. The ink forms a defensive aura that protects the ally from plethora of magicks. Does not protect against DImensional elemental magick.
Amaterasu Grace Ground-Tactical Analog Up+Selective Hamiwa conjures a miniature sun with a circular stroke using her celestial brush. With proper timing, her dance may invoke the sun to deals heavy damage to all enemies within a very large area.
Michigami Mercy Ground-Evasive Selective Hamiwa stops time with her celestial brush, then cause all allies that is about to be hit by an enemy's attack to be teleported away not far but somewhere safer close by.
Nuregami Resolute Aerial-Tactical Analog Up+Selective Hamiwa invokes a heavy rain that damages all enemies within sight. Deals Dimensional damage, deals more damage to enemies weak to Water.
Hasugami Sincerity Ground-Ballistic Analog Up+Selective Hamiwa conjures multiple water lilies around her, then sends them away charging at the enemies. If they hit an enemy, a giant water lily bud will appears above them, crushing them from above. The lily bud will also blooms once it hit an enemy, healing nearby allies with nature's energy. Deals heavy damage to enemies weak to Amazon.
Gekigami Ire Aerial-Ballistic Selective Hamiwa invokes multiple thunder clouds hovering over multiple enemies within range. Then, the clouds blast them with a piece of the thunder god's electrifying power. Deals Lightning damage.
Moegami Brilliance Aerial-Bombastic Analog Down+Selective Hamiwa draws a painting of a bird in mid-air. Then it materializes into a flaming bird with extraordinary beauty. It will then charges forward, scorching any unlucky enemies. Deals Fire damage.

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Extracurricular ActivitiesEdit

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