Class Claws
Attack Power 45
Hit Style Bashing
Attack Type Bash
Additional Info Bestow Regen on equip

Increases 10 Resilience and 50 Hidden Resilience on equip
Wide Guard Area

 Survivor (遺族, Izoku) is a type of Melee Weapon under the Claws class in the School Fare Series.


The Survivor appears to be a persimmon-wolfram colored gauntlet with a dark green knuckle. From the knuckle, a whistle-tip shape claw seems to protrudes from it. The claw is in fact, wide, and can double as a shield.

Physical FeatureEdit

As long as the Survivor is equipped, they gain the Regen status. With it, the Poison status may not replace it, thus making them also immune to Poison.

The Survivor increases 10 Resilience while also 50 Hidden Resilience. With Hidden Resilience, the wearer's Resilience is increased whenever they received a debuff or Downed.

When in Critical HP, the Survivor lets out a shine, and all debuffs will be dispelled from the wearer. Although, Debuffs like Slow, Stop, Gradual Petrification and Doom.

Guarding using the Survivor is easier because of their lightweight property and wide Guard Area.


  • The Survivor is the only Claw without the Slash Attack Type.

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