Summer Vacation is the first, compulsory chapter of Lively Summer in School Fare: Destiny. It falls on the very first day of Astera, the first month of Summer. It stars every main characters.

Story Edit

It's the first day of summer vacation and everyone is thrilled to start off their plans for the summer vacation. When the day starts(during morning) the player is given the choice to pick which character to use. Note that once chose, they may not switch.

Depending on which character, the progression of the chapter varies, and interaction with others would trigger various scenes.

Marryl and Annest Route Edit

Nerela Route Edit

Myde Route Edit

Hazeal Route Edit

Zeph and Lindsay Route Edit

Wirtz Route Edit

Farce Route Edit

Marian Route Edit

Fens Route Edit

Hanare Route Edit

Hamiwa and Hato Route Edit

Florishe Route Edit

Ten Yi Route Edit

Aliza Route Edit

Kinetsu Route Edit

Farouq Route Edit

Kim Route Edit

Note Edit

The chapter itself is compulsory, thus even if the player wants to waste time the day before, once the day commence, it will automatically switch to other characters. The previously used character would instead went home on his/her own resting for the entire day. Unlike other compulsory chapters, any character used the previous day would not be available for choice for tomorrow(hence this day).

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