"'Desperation is not a weakness, it is simply the Struggler's strength to exploit against their foes."'



The Struggler is a class in School Fare series. Struggler features a very submissive movesets that seems desperate, but easily immobilizes foes. Their overall stats has no literall weakness, but Vitality seems to step above the rest. All of Struggler's moveset inflicts effect debuffs. Their submissive skills are very excellent if used during sneaking missions, as they can easily strike down foes. Their abilities are proven to almost par with the Feint Assassins.

Notable Struggler is our very own Ellie Waynright and Joel Regard, followed by other Neutralists such as Tommas Regard and Maria Nolland.


Move Jump Evasion Unarmed Attack HP MP Str Atk Vit Def Mgk Rst Ddg Dex Eva Res Latency Spd
B C C 15 C D D C B D D C 50% C 40% 60% Average 60%

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