The Stop (停止, Teishi) is a type of problematic buff most notably to makes the unit to be unable to move, act nor synch with the fabric of time.

The effect may be inflicted to any party.

Stop status makes the unit to be unable to move, notably freezes in the same place. The effect's longevity is based on the target's Speed stats. And also greatly influenced by Speed or Latency affecting statuses like Haste , Slow , Quicken and Delay .

The unit's HP, SP or MP and even stats won't be affected during Stop. The stat changes is hidden, unotably and uncalculatable. But physically testable. In other words, even if a damage inflicted onto them actually kills them, they will stay frozen(temporally) in the same place. If healing is done on them, they may survive if it heals their HP before receiving any other danagerous or instant kill effects.

Other statuses which are not Temporal propertized, will not affect them, but the effect will not remedize itself, buffs also works the same way. This reacts simlutaneously if Stop still lingers.

The Stop status's longevity is affected by

  • The unit's Speed stat
  • Haste buff which reduces Stop longevity
  • Slow debuff which extends Stop longevity

Removable by

  • Dispel magick
  • Scotch ability
  • Decast magick