The Soulify (固体魂, Kotai tamashī) is a special state which a character or other certain enemies which allows their body to be rather 'mobile'. It is considered to be Mistify's counterpart.


The Soulify state allows the unit to be in a ghostly state which let their KO state turned into a mobile state.

Any unit which are under this state have unlimited HP, so draining their HP is a great way to recuperate lost HP with 100% accuracy. They have indefinite HP, so draining them will make the user only drain random value of HP.

To resurrect Soulified units, only Ressurection Items are usable instead.

Note that Soulified is a type of KO status, so even if all party members have other allies or assisting units around, it's a Game Over.


Any unit which have been KO'd with their SP percentage higher than the MP percentage will attain this state. Not that Soulify state can only be attain after 30 seconds of KO.

Every resurrection or revival of characters after the Soulify effect have the minimum HP comeback value of 50% of the unit's Max SP(instead). The higher the character's level, the higher the minimum value becomes. Note that after the unit have been revived, they cannot be damaged by special attacks for several seconds.

Any unit under this state will become a ghostly being, any use of healing ability or HP consuming ability will make the Soulified unit approaches them like a moth to a fire. This makes it very useful to move a dead character along with the party if they cannot revive them magicks or abilities.


  • Soulify, like Mistify, are both based from the 'dead' status of party members in Final fantasy Chronicles series. They may be controlled, but cannot perform any actions, rather than roling as the character's own soul which needs to be cross over or bestowed by a reviving items or magick.

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