Soul Glass
Type Special Item
Potency Unknown
Uses Collect Soulified and Mistified souls of fallen allies
Combinable? No
Additional Info None
The Soul Glass is a special item that allows the retrieving of Soulified and Mistified of comrade's souls. The Soul Glass is an upgradable item, and it has unlimited quota to store souls when upgraded to maximum level.


The Soul Glass appears to be an ornate hand mirror with intricate designs on the frame. The frame is iridescent blue while the handle appears to be made from a simple wood, but it is actually made from Sallus wood, a type of ironwood.

Use and FeaturesEdit

The Soul Glass is used by selecting it in the Special Item command tab.

When using the Soul Glass, the mirror must be held facing the Soulified or Mistified soul for it to be extracted. The view will be in a first-person view, allowing proper facing. When the mirror is facing the soul, the soul may be collected instantly as the mirror 'sucks' them into it.

The Soul Glass may be upgrade up to level 5.

Level 1: May store up to 2 souls

Level 2: May store up to 3 souls

Level 3: May store up to 5 souls

Level 4: May store up to 8 souls

Level 5(Max): May store up to infinite number of souls

The Soul Glass may also be use to draw out selected souls when the character wanted to ressurect them with respective actions. Simply ressurecting them normally will let the character pull out the Soul Glass, draw the selected character's soul and revives them afterwards.


The Soul Glass is obtained and available for the whole party's use before the start of their first mission.


  • The feature of the Soul Glass reminisce the camera used in the series "Fatal Frame", in which it lets the user 'captures' the soul of ghosts like pictures.

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