Somebody Different is a song in the School Fare series. It was written by Allan Zhayn.


Wake up child, your happiness's here

Musn't you let it leave with you shedding tears

Now it's time that you to speak and stop your fear

Letting everbody nows that you can their peers

If you think you're different, just perish that thought

For everything in life is always like, bed of roses or life of a dog

Hey now cheer up, stand up now, your dillemma is just naught

Live your life to the fullest and just keep chasing the clock!

This world is full or wonder...

It makes us see that we need adventure...

If you think you're different by needs and looks..

The heck! Come on let's get out and just throw the books!

Yes you are somebody, somebody that's different

You're not a nobody, nobody that everyone thinks as some sort of a common citizen

Now take my hand, we'll rule our part with an iron fist

If you want that girl, now go ahead and her a kiss!

I never expected that you managed to let yourself,

Out and a free to the open

Yet now you did it! It's good for your interests

I do know now...

And our heart is no longer a prison!

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