The Sink (沈没, Chinbotsu) is a type of terrain debuff to be known to makes the inflicted to be stuck to the ground and gradually sinking down.

This effect only affects opposing party. This effect cannot affects Flying nor levitating units as their feet does not came in contact with the ground.


Sink makes the inflicted to be well, gradually sinking into the ground. The unit is incapable of moving, thus the condition may be similar to Immobilized.

Sink affects the unit until the ground itself hardens. It's duration is random, and somewhat varies with the type of ground itself. In worse cases, the unit may be swallowed up the ground whole, killing them in an instance. They will instantaneously be Soulified or Mistified later.

Sink usually cause by swampy terrain, corroded soils, quicksands and even sand pits which are created by Antleopards. A unit inflicted with Sink status is referred to as 'Sunk'


  • The Sink effect was intentionally an effect which the unit would instantly pulled into the ground, but changes to gradually sinking after some considerations.

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