School Fare Series Monsters
シンゲリオン (Shingerion)
Rank Boss
Type Attribute
Aggresive Flying-Water
Class Property
Beast Sonic
Genus Element
Mythus Water, Sonic
Total party's HP and MP, average and then plus 1500 Infinity
SP Reach
4000 B
Latency Movement Speed
2.660 14.923
Strength Magic
Average party's Strength, plus 5 Average party's Magick, plus 2
Defense Resistance
30 30
Vitality Speed
Average party's Vitality, plus 10 31
Attack Dodge%
40 10%
Dexterity Evade
33 27%
Resilience% EXP
CP Gil
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Resist 25% Weak 30% - -
Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
Weak 10% - - {{{Novae}}}
Dimension Blood Weather Aether
Weak 50% - Nullify -
Sound Atomic Celestial Temporal
Weak 20% - - -
Bestiary Location Dang'lin Bridge
Location Aied Forest (Azul Cascade)

Dang'lin Bridge (Dang'lin Roundabouts)

Amp Plains (Clearings)

Common Steal None
Uncommon Steal Paw Insignia
Rare Steal Beast Bracer
Common Drop None
Uncommon Drop Raw Fish
Rare Drop Beluga Carp
Very Rare Drop Paw Insignia, Beluga Arouwana
Card Drop Rukkie, Beast Order
Common Poach Short Claws
Rare Poach Silky Fur
Attacks Scratch, Kick, Ram, Headbutt, Slash, Body Slam, Hip Attack
Abilities Berserk, Sand Dash, Aera
Innate Abilities Parry, Dodge(after Berserk), Berserk Mode, Counter, Counter Plus(after Berserk), Critical Haste, Sleuth
Immune to Berserk, Infatuation, Lure, Wither
Other Information Double Attack and Speed significantly when either Berserk, Infatuation, Lure or Wither status effect is cast on them.

The Singerion is a Beast/Mythus-type monster in the School Fare series. It is actually a legendary being, it is unknown if there is only one in the world, as this monster is rarely seen and impossible to observe for long. It resembles a gigantic lion with the lower body of a leafy seadragon.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

The Singerion is a gigantic, about 50 feet long monster with the superior of a lion and the inferior of a leafy seadragon. It has similar fur coloration as a typical lion, which slightly redder mane. Its eyes are coral pink, but iridescent with bluish purple, giving it a violet appearance. Its canines are not sharp, but resembles the walrus's. Its front leg's digits are flatter, which makes it functional like the fins, which the pads are softer, but more elastic and also flatter. The inferior starts from the epigastric region. The dorsal fin, pelvic fin  and caudal fin  resembles much like the leafy seadragon, but are much stronger and thicker, enabling greater propulsion than typical leafy seadragon.

Although not literally visible, the Singerion has no true tonsils, are they are replaced by the second vocal chords that is believed to function secondarily as tonsils. It resembles a gilled stereo buffer, with slight resemblance to stretched-out tonsils.

Page 2: BehaviourEdit

The Singerion is a rarely seen being. It seems to prefer the human-free tides, in which it seems to always sway about the when it is actually enjoying itself by splashing around. It is extremely hostile to ships, although it never literally attack humans, it would always attack them if they were fishing. It is by far, only seen near cliffside, such as the Cliffside of Setting Sol, in Azure City. It seems to prefer shallow water with lots of rocks. The Singerion was once observed using a spy probe, and it is concluded that it only sleep on the beach, with its tail dipped into the water. During the night, it let a 'yawn' that resembles a melodious song, like a siren's voice. Even its 'snore' sounds a bit like a sighing woman, only fuzzier. When it finally noticed the spy probe, it didn't immediately destroy, just to 'intentionally' sit onto it, like a lazy cat.


The Singerion is a legendary being that lives near certain cliffsides with rocky, shallow water. It is not exclusive to the Chavental region, it may still migrate to other regions depending on its migration season.


The name Singerion is based directly from 'Singapore', although it became a portmanteau of two words, both 'singer' and 'lion'. It got the name 'singer' due to its siren-like noise it makes.


  • Singerion is based from the 'Singapore' the monument in Singapore that is a lion with a body of a fish.

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