Class Whips
Attack Power 15
Hit Style Lashing
Attack Type Strike
Additional Info Increases 10% chance to obtain loot

Increases Gil obtain by 50% while increasing their minimum amount by 50% average

Silvertongue (銀の舌, Gin no shita, lit "Silver Tongue") is a type of Extendable Weapon under the Whip class in the School Fare Series. It is extensively know for its special feature which attracts many looters and treasure hunters. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, most Silvertongues are fake or simple imitation.


Physical FeatureEdit

The Real DealEdit

To differentiate a real Silvertongue from a fake one, one should try to slam a treasure with worth. If the Silvertongue's hit doesn't damage the treasure, the Silvertongue is real.

To avoid possible damage, one may also immerse the Silvertongue with a bucket of sugar and salt solution. If the Silvertongue 'thickens', it is the real deal. The Silvertongue expanding like that is possibly due to it's sponge-like biological tongue structure which swells after its taste bud was severed by a strong taste.

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