"Our village is just a small village, but there is one very special thing about it, the 'water'."
—Mr. Gura Xi

Shun Fey is a bordering village of the Dang'Lin region. It is located exactly in between Dang'Lin Estuary and the Dang'lin Bridge. This village is actually a quaint little countryside town mostly inhabited by the Chunin race and the Fellynes.

Sage KnowledgeEdit


"A village that has been blessed with fertile and pure soil. The village itself has been known to be freed from any pollution. So far, the village itself is not popular enough for people to try buying it for themselves."
—Bridge's Hope and Havenswall Library

Geography and Weather Edit

The village is situated just nest to the Dang'Lin Bridge, which is practically a cliffside. The ground is rather flat, with the slopes going inward to the center of the village's square. The land is usually very fertile and just slightly acidic and often overgrown by weed flowers instead. Despite being a highland, some of the grounds were actually marshes, which the locals had turned into a fish breeding pond.

The village has a slightly tropical climate, but is instead around 19 degree Celsius when Chavental is experiencing winter. It has good rain all year round, perfect for farming. When it does indeed snow, the precipitation is usually slow unless during strong winds.


At first, Zahasuki was never intended intended for it to be named as Shun Fey. But after some considerations, he finally agreed on it. After a few days of its name issue, Zahasuki realized that the name 'Shun Fey' is the anagram of 'Fen Shuy'(in derivation of Feng Shui). Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy regarding the harmonization as well as the 'good vibe' or the environments. Feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English.

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