Shortswords are one of the few Melee Weapon that has the most variety. Shortswords are one of the most practical of weapons, and is commonly equipped together with Shields or Bucklers.



  • One-Handed, Double-Edged Melee weapon that their average length are slightly longer than Daggers, but shorter than Longswords.
  • generally have low-average Attack Power, fair Reach, fast Latency and cost less Stamina to swing. Shortswords are very easy to use and obtain, as they don't require too much LP.
  • fast Parry and low-average Block Area.
  • low-average Impact, low Recoil and great Recoil Recovery.
  • deals only Slash damage, despite also having stabbing animations.
  • attack power is determined by the user's Unarmed Attack and Strength against the target's Defense.
Dmg = (Atk * Foc - Def) * (1 + UAtk * [Lv+Str]/250) * (Def)

Combos Edit

Strikes Edit

Shortswords deal up to 6 combo hits. They are easy and fast to execute plus, does not require much SP when Combo Chain. Shortswords have a total of 3 ground and 2 aerial Finishers.

All SQUARE includes all slashes only.

All TRIANGLE includes the first two strikes being slashes and the rest being stabs.

Combo Chain to TRIANGLE and SQUARE changes the strikes into series of lunging attacks(both similar).

Charge Attacks Edit

SQUARE charged attack allows for a short-ranged, lightning-fast jabs

TRIANGLE charged attack allows for a low sweeping attack that knocks enemies off balance.

Finishers Edit

Hornet Sting

Performs an uppercut and stabs at the target to knocks them away with a slash.


Upgrade of Hornet Sting. Allows for a series of longer lightning-fast jabs before knocking them away with the final slash.

Galloping Strike

Jumps above the enemy, whilst in mid-air, performs a rolling slash to hit the enemy before landing behind them.

Full Swing

Performs a full swing that knocks away all surrounding enemies.

Kick Thrust

Fling the shortsword to the front, then kicks it away to struck the enemy while pushing the user backwards.

Recoil Slash

Performs a crossing pair of slashes than pushes the user backwards. Can be spammed up to three times at a time.

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