Shortbows are Ranged Weapon in which are almost similarly attributed with the Longbows and Greatbows.


Shortbows can be drawn out without interruptions, it has considerably shorter Latency but have the shortest attack range due to the low maximum force that can be put into it. Shortbows use Short Arrows for ammunition for their lightweight and compatibility with them. Due to that, using Shortbows during battles can be heavily affected by wind-pattern factor. Shortbows have the second shortest Latency of 1.2 second, only to be bested by Crossguns and Handguns.

Shortbow's attack power is calculated based solely on it's base Attack Power and Bolts's Attack Power. The damage goes against the target's Defense. It's final damage is then heavily affected by wind-patterns. If the the wind patterns works for the velocity for the arrows, and/or vice versa.

Dmg = (Atk * Foc - Def) * (1 + Atk * [Lv+SArrowAtk]/331) * Def
Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Shortbow 10 50

Star projectiles

Slingbow 14 65

'Dust' projectiles

Novae-elemental damage

Fey Bow 16 5% Confuse on hit 65

Star projectiles

Celestial-elemental damage

Sprite's Bow 17 75

Flare projectiles

Fire-elemental damage

Dwarven Bow 20 80

Star-Orb projectiles

Increase Spatial, Dimensional and Temporal-elemental damage dealt by 20% on equip

Deflex Bow 24 Lower the target's Resilience 90

Star projectiles

Holy-elemental damage

Reflex Bow 24 Lower the target's Dexterity 95

Feathery-tornado projectiles

Wind-elemental damage

Deals 20% additional damage against Flying units 

Harper 27 20% Stagger on hit 100 

'Dust' projectiles

Deals full damage against Melee units

Glassier 28

55% Flinch on hit

(80% on Blood and Aether-type enemies)


Orb-ghastly projectiles

Aether-elemental damage

Guarantees Drop when used to kill a Blood-type enemy

Spineback 30


Charge-Wands are generally the strongest Wand-type there is. They does not release any energy when swung. The must be charged so that the energy can be emitted. Upon stopping on the charge-up, the energy will be shoot. The velocity and power of the energy is greater based on how long the charge-up is. Charge-Wands homing capability is based on how great the projectile's velocity is. The greater the velocity, the weaker would its homing capability would be.


Loaders are capable of releasing out energy in either a machinegun-like shots or simultaneous spew of projectiles like shotguns. When aiming, the player can either push the attack button repetitively for the machinegun shooting, or charge-up the Wand for shotgun shooting. All Loader-Wands have different numbers of orbs. Each orbs takes approximately 2.5 seconds to reload its energy. Loader-Wands have the weakest homing capability amongst the three types.

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