Class Shortbows
Attack Power 15
Hit Style Artillery Arrows
Attack Type Struck
Additional Info None
Shortbow (ショートボウ, Shōtobou) is a type of Ranged Weapon under the Shortbow class in the School Fare Series. It is known to be the earliest Shortbow available in the game.


It appears as a standard bow with 60cm length. Unlike standard bow, it is made from flexible rattan piled and hewn together. It uses flax fibers as bowstrings.

Charged Attacks Edit

Double Shot

Shots two arrows at the same time. Pressing unleash at the proper time allows for both the arrows to travel parallel to each other, allowing greater precision.

Barrage Shots

Shots many arrows in successions. Pressing unleash at the proper time allows for consecutive shooting while precise unleash allows for great precision.

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