Scythe Crook
Class Claws
Attack Power 44
Hit Style Slashing Cross
Slashing Uppercut
Attack Type Slash
Additional Info None
 Scythe Crook (曲がった鎌, Magatta kama) is a type of Melee Weapon under the Claws class in the School Fare Series. It is known to have a higher critical hit ratio than most weapons. It appears on School Fare 2: Comebacks and School Fare: Saga and first appears in the prior.


The Scythe Crook looks like a hilt consisting a guard and a grip, but no pommel. It is held horizontally instead of vertically like normal swords. The scythe protrudes from the guard like a large, curved blade with moon-like crater designs.

Physical FeatureEdit

The Scythe Crook has a Fixed Stat Critical Hit Ratio of 45%. Back-attacking allows for a Fixed Stat of 100% Critical Hit Ratio and immediate Stagger.

Additionally, dealing critical hits with the Scythe Crook against guarding or shielded foes will still deal damage, that is, only 40% from the critical bonus.


  • The Scythe Crook's name is reversed in Japanese.

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