Scanning is a feature introduced in all of School Fare series. Scanning is used together in conjunction with 'viewing' and 'targeting' and is considered one of the most fundamental yet important battle and field feature in both games and series.


Scannining has two form, "Manual Depth Perception" and "Device Scan". Both of them have different features, effectively and speed. But, the results that came from them can both be determined and accessed.

Primary UseEdit

By viewing the target(for example a gigantic boss), the character may view each edges of its body to see the points of effectiveness and to gain the privilege against them. Note that certain boss enemies can also use this feature, may also be a huge problem for inexperienced characters. By browsing the target, the character may view which points of the target which are weakest against certains attacks, effects or magicks.

After done scanning and results of Weakness Points are found, they will be available under the Voice Commands. For example: 

Boss: Galvantugar

Weakness Points>

  • Back of torax
  • Big eye (selected)
  • Eye at the abdomen

Choose either of following actions:

  • Attack
  • Magick....
  • Effect(debuff, effect debuff ect.)....
  • Items
  • Any except.....(does any action against it except the selected type of actions)

Also, after the scan, the weakness of the points are indentified. So, our allies(which are issued with specific Voice Command) also acknowledge the weaknesses and advantages.


Other than battling usage, Scanning is used for scouting, or looking out for some points of foraging or scavenging.

With the same execution, the character is used to look through the area and can automatically sense some points that are may or somewhat hidden.


To use Scanning concurrently, on must obtain the Observe ability under the Field Pane in their Metamemory Axis for only 50 IP. That is, it will be referred as "Manual Depth and Perception" Scanning only. Leveling the node will improve the speed of scanning, but not the efficiency.

To Scan using "Device Scan", the player can just purchase the "ScanCam" application at the Externet Store. The scanning is almost similar to "MDP", but the speed relies heavily on the BiCom-nicator.


  • Since of the absent for the Scan and/or Libra ability, scanning become an important feature in both battle and other uses.

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