"Saving your game's progress will allows you to continue the game."

—Freesia, teaching about importance of saving

Save Points are points(places), objects or time, sometimes called as 'checkpoint' are in-game features in School Fare series that are generally known to allow the player to save their game progress.


Save Points have multiple variations, all of them can be used to save the game's progress, some can heal the party to their full health, some have other features in which the player can browse the history of the game's events. In each regions or provinces, save points looks really different than the other ones from other regions, differing with the style and aesthetic based on the culture, but not the quality.

Types Edit

Save Points are manifested in various forms. 'Basic' Save Points are usually the Journals, which allows the player to track the event records and save progress. Other Save Points are manifested in personal desk computers, laptops and even a character's bed.

Journals Edit

Journals, are books that are used to record events and save game's progress. Sometimes, they are called as 'diaries' by the owners, such as Marryl, Aliza and Farce.

Personal Desk Computers and Laptops

The Personal Desk Computers, or by common gamer's term or layman's term as 'PC' and laptops are as how its name implies, computers. This type of device can be used for doing assignments, saving the game's progress, checking in with the administrators and supervisors, video-chatting, playing video games and even reading for thorough database of the Beastiary and Encyclopaedia.

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