Santa Lucia is a fictional country that replaces Saint Lucia in the Worl version of Earth. The country is actually part of De Cribbion region, which the the region of Worl that replaces the Carribean Sea regions.

Journal Entry == "Santa Lucia is the birthplace of Marryl. This land possesses a favourable climate and humidity which allows tourist to enjoy the crisp temperature. It's volcanic mountains are the tallest amongst the other neighboring islands."


Santa Lucia is one of the few inaccessible places in the De Cribbion region due to the party's Passport not allowing them to enter such sovereign state.


Santa Lucia distinctively has 11 states. All of them seems to be separated to form segments to the Santa Lucia's ground.

Soufiere is the birthplace of Marryl. The name of state is the only thing mentioned regarding Santa Lucia, and nothing else.

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