A Rosary is a type of weapon in which are versatile to use. It has a long range of attack, and may deal multiple hits varying the distance between the user and the target. It's second use is for firing quick projectiles at enemies at any range.

A Rosary have a typically low Attack power(each hit), but its versatility on dealing multiple hits at a time makes it almost equavalent in Attack power with Reflectors and Glaives.


A Rosary deals multiple damages varying the distance between the user and their target. The closer the target, the more hits that the user may dish out against them. A Rosary, like most Ranged Weapons, are favorable to be used against Flying units for their changable modes between whipping mode or barrages of firing projectiles. Rosaries are particularly lacking in the effects.

Whipping ModeEdit

During Whipping mode, the user will use the Rosary very much like a large whip, but highly controllable. The attack may hit multiple enemies within the strikings. Each 'whipping' may hit with many instantaneous hits varies with the range between user and the enemies around them

Firing ModeEdit

During Firing mode, the user will points their Rosaries like a machine gun upon the target. Then, they fire projectiles varies with the numbers of beads in their Rosaries. The time to reload them however, varies within each second for them to recharge and reuse.

Note that Rosaries are Celestial Weapons, it only can be used by Shinto Believers classes. This fact excludes the Sufism Beads which are in fact only usable for Muslim only.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Devout Beads 14 50
Divination Beads 17 70 Holy-elemental damage
Spirit Beads 22 75

Inflicts 5% additionl damage against Aether-elementals

Aether-elemental damage

Sufism Beads 24

Nullify damage from Undeads(only effective when when equipped on Muslim characters)

Enigma Beads 27 85 Increases 25% chance on inflicting debuffs
Resurrection Beads 29 10% instant exorcise on Undeads 90 Increases 15% HP potency when reviving a dead character
Confluence Beads 33 100 Increases 10% Attack power each with the confluence with other Rosaries with allies in the same area
Emanation Beads 36 130 

Obtained after the Mission: The Unknown Fire

Boosts 10% of any Celestial Brush Gods stat overalls

Celestial-elemental damage


  • The Rosaries are complete derivation on the Rosaries in Okami series.
  • The Sufism Beads are however, both a commendation and tribute for the Islamic world. It was planned to also be usable by Shinto Believers, but decided to make an exception for certain exclusiveness.

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