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 The Roocatrice is a Avion/cross Phasianade and Passaringe-type enemy in the School Fare series. Most of them are docile. It is located in several area within the Dang'Lin and Sovialite regions. It is the only Phasianade and Passaringe genus to have the ability Last Stand and the rare Invert ability. but those are the only innate abilities that they possesses. The encounter with the Roocatrices(in Kiln Ruins) is that they were pecking on some of the Estella Berries around the area, then, they stare curiously on the characters.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Slightly different than the order sub-family order between the Phasianade and Passaringe, the Roocatrice's look is more of a turkey. Slightly odd, it's body is most likely similar to a katik chicken, while having a comb which looks like a rook chest piece. They have a long, mustache-like wattle, while having a long, extended flail-like tail.

Page 2: Behavior and PhysiologyEdit

"A flightless bird with flighty personality. It is also known for its brazen and 'cocky' nature. People dare to breed them in farms because of one popular believe. And that believe is, the more bad that a Roocatrice may be, the better their taste."


The Vinestags barely appear prominently for their nomadic lifestyle. However, varying with the season, the Vinestags appear more frequently based on the area.


Roocatrice's name is based from the word; rook and cockatrice.


  • Roocatrices are complete derivation from the beast, Cockatrice, only that it looks more like a turkey.

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