School Fare Series Monsters
Rogue Viper
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Rank Boss
Type Attribute
Aggressive Melee
Class Property
Beast Poison
Genus Element
Serventine None
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Latency Movement Speed
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Fire Ice Lightning Water
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Wind Earth Dark Holy
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Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
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 The Rogue Viper is a Boss during Chapter: The Prelude in School Fare: Destiny. It later can be fought as a normal enemy at Zerphynaz Cavern.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

The Rogue Viper is a very large Serventine with brown-amber scales. Its 'ears' are like wings, and can be used to glide effectively. Its belly is pale white, almost porcelaine white because of its slickness. The Rogue Viper's fangs are crooked and shape as a scythe. Its eyes are turquoise green, vaguely resembling cats' eyes.

Page 2: BehaviourEdit

As a rogue, the Rogue Viper is a wandering snake. It prefers to travel on the ground instead of gliding from trees to trees. It is highly vigilant, and almost impossible to sneak up. It has a habit of terrorizing camps and wandering travelers whenever it crosses their path. It's hard scales are impressively durable, thus many hunters wants to skin it. The Rogue Viper's venom is not potent nor fatal, but its bite is capable of severing any bodies. Despite being a rogue, it is somewhat docile with other monsters.


The Rogue Viper may came out from the ground, grass, bushes and other holes. It only appears in:


  • The Rogue Viper was made to an allusion of the Rogue Tomato from Final Fantasy XII.
    • Both of them were also basically the second boss enemy in the game(the Rogue Tomato is a Mini-Boss, actually. The Rogue Viper also serves as the chapter's mini-boss, as Ouroboros is the true boss in Chapter: The Prelude]].

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