Resurrection Items refers to items capable of reviving a fallen(KO) character. Specific Ressurection Items are needed to ressurect characters whom are Mistified of Soulified. Resurrection Items can only affect KO'd, Mistififed, Soulified and Undead units.

Description Edit

Resurrection Items are generally used to revived units with KO status. Note that, Resurrection Items cannot undone the debuffs that dooms a unit to Instant Death such as Doom and Gradual Petrification. Resurrection Items usually have a fixed power in order to revive and restore some bits of the unit's max HP, that is usually based from a fraction of their total HP.

Resurrection Items bestow the unit with temporary Invulnerability status which last for a very few seconds. Units revived usually are frail when trying to get on their legs, that is why the Invulnerability status compensates for its set-back. Unlike magicks that can revive KO'd units, Resurrection Items cause the newly revived unit to have 0 Focus at first, but will recover fairly quickly in a short amount of time.

Resurrection Items deals Holy damage to Undead units. It deals magickal damage-power is 2/3 of their percentage-based potency. For example, a Phoenix Pinion has the percentage potency of 25%, thus the magick power is 17.

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