Rend Sheffield or by the full name of Rendrick Sheffield is a major supporting character in the School Fare series. His debut has not been confirmed till this day. He is Marryl Sheffield's father.


Rend Sheffield was born on the 13th Dealwin of the Lilius calendar at the backwater town of Santa Lucia. He is the distant cousin of Marryl's mother, related only as their grandparents were step-siblings(basically they are not blood-related). He was raised by a single parent, his father; Andrew Sheffield. Andrew(like Rend) was an only child, so Rend was without uncles, aunts or even cousins. Throughout his childhood days, Rend is called as 'Ricky' by his father.

Ever since Rend is a child, he barely associates with other kids, making himself rather antisocial. He does get drop off at his neighbours' houses as Andrew went to work. His neighbours were nice, although he himself was older than the neighbours' kids, he doesn't play with them often if it comes to toys. Also, Rend doesn't bother himself with toys, instead he likes to play spy in his treehouse...



Rend is known to be rather quiet with other people of his age(young adults to middle-age). He is not a person to start a conversation, yet he expands the subject when brought into it. He is a caring parent who loves his daughter. He is rather obsessed with his daughter's well being, he often sends about 2 to 6 e-mails to her almost everyday.


Rend has the habit to listen to others' opinion when debating or in arguement. He believes that in doing so, he won't be as big-headed and learns to respect other more easily despite his impulse to point out others' weakness. Like Marryl, he is also a good listener who likes hearing other people's problems as well.

Occasionally, Rend visits the library to attend various book club meetings regarding parenting. His status as a single parent often makes him feel feeble when concerning her daughter's future, thus he strives to be a better father.


Rend has the impulse to point out people's weakness in a form of 'involuntary insult'. This often occurs almost everytime he sees other people's weakness and would also sometimes point them out instantaneously.

As an only child, motherless and 'relatively without', Rend is an envious person seeing other families having a gathering. He even jeers at couples sometimes as well as other people whom seems close to each other.

Rend has a father complex. He knows that he only have his father ever since forever, and thus he deems to love him as much as he can as well as to be loved by him as much as possible. The results of him having a father complex makes him rather misogynic(in a specific way), or 'preferring the company of men more than women'. Other than teenagers, senior citizens and children(and Freesia), Rend doesn't talk or like being around women too much.

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