Reinforcements is an Action Feature that allows the calling for backup from Azure High Academy. It is somewhat unreliable because many students are usually sent off to missions and thus most of the reinforcements are just rookie students.


Calling for Reinforcements can be performed by engaging the "Reinforcements" in the Party Command Tab. Sometimes, it allows us to call for any backup we desire, but most of the time it just allow us to "Call for Random Backups". Calling for selective backups allows us to call for one team we desire.

Reinforcements usually arrives in about 2 minutes, whislt the longest is around 10 minutes. The time for them to arrive is dependent on the location, the farther the location is from Azure High Academy, the longer it takes for them arrive. Some locations does not allow calling for reinforcements, due to airships being unable to send off the backups because of dangerous or unstrategic landing points.

Reinforcements can be requested at any time, but to call for multiple reinforcements at the same time is not at all allowed. The current reinforcement only returns to the academy after 3 minutes when the next reinforcement is available, or all of them have been wiped out.

Reinforcements usually serves as Guest characters, while some can also be a controllable party, if they are one of the main characters.

Reinforcements is never available in Hard Mode and other more difficult modes.

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