Recuperation is a process in which it a safe and warded environment allows for the increased natural healing of injured or wounded characters.


The Recuperation process only occurs outside of battle and it is a key element in Search and Rescue missions. Recuperation allows allies to naturally regenerate their energy, recover from status ailments and even recover from KO when carried to the safe point of area. Hiding from enemies is considered a warded environment, yet it is not safe for the Recuperation process to occur.

Some helpless dames are unable to use magick or items due to running out, plus they have the tendency to become Traumatized when things get tough and become panic most of the time. Recuperation allows them to rest, recover and the time period allows the characters to share some of their items with them. Recuperation is not an all-the-time reliable, as nearby roaming enemies may or will interupt the process.

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