The Rebound or Effect Rebound is a phenomenal effect created by magick. Since it's magickal, it is the opposite of Deflect.


Any magick can be guarded against, but certain magick can be canceled completely their effect if the character is able to even 'deflect' it. Almost any type of magick is reboundable.

While certain magick cannot be rebound, since they are completely illusion-base.

In conclusion, Effect Rebound is similar with normal Deflection against attacks. Since it is magickal, the effect may be inflicted against opposing sides.

Note that trying to rebound magick while having Reflect or Magick Counter completely ignore it since the user will react with by voluntary actions, hence the rebounding.

Trying to Rebound a single healing or restorative magick will not hit the rebounding character, instead another allies within range.


  • The Reflux Innate Ability allows a high chance to Rebound magickal damages.

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