Like the name implies, Quotes are repetition of someone's statements or thoughts. All characters have their own quote, the quote's theme, if not, just a simple catch phrases.

Quote ListEdit

Character Quote About
Marryl Sheffield "The more, the Marryl-er!" Togetherness
Annest Miguell "The thing I learnt about sociality is that it's what build courtesy and formality." Sociality
"Always believe and pray to god that He knows all, and everything in this world is his to do." Faith
Nerela Panchoute "Keep your time, and make it yours to control!" Promptness
"Be sure that you CAN handle this! If not, I'm gonna shock you!" Resoluteness
Myde Mozanned
Florishe Carter
Terukiwa Hamiwa
Terukiwa Hato
Hanare Magoitou
Fens Jyuno
Marian Delia Phillip
Freesia Ailanthus
Hazeal Galvionez
Zeph Galvionez
Aliza Norish
Kinetsu Surushoshi
Lindsay Montagnard
Farouq bin Al Naufal
Ellie Waynright
Wirtz Landber
Farce Courshic
Kim Craufowrd
Ten Yi Ania
Don Follonece

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