"Deadly massuer whom has developed their nerval treatments skills into devastating paralysis attacks."

—Wikia Description


The Pulse Render is a class under Martial Art primary class in School Fare series. All Pulse Render's attacks have paralyzing effects which instantaneously numb foes' limb and render them completely useless. Although, Pulse Render's hands aren't exactly durable, so their attacks are useless against steel or rocks.

Pulse Render's typically have great initial Latency and Dexterity. Making their Pressure Point ability very effective and notably useful for turning the tide of battle

Notable Pulse Renders is our very own Ten Yi Ania. Some other Neutralists and Antagonists are also a Pulse Render.


Move Jump Evasion Unarmed Attack Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Latency Spd
C D D 18 40 D D B C E D Short 54%



Using Pulse Renderer's skill allows their normal attack to have additional combo hits. Plus, they may also inflicts effect debuffs without much trouble..

Skill Type Property Specification Damage Effect Hits
Arsoning Fingers Physical Fire/ Unarmed Deals four combo hits with Firewhip in succession. C Fire -elemental combos 4
Iron Nails Physical Unarmed Deals seven combo hits with Shining Air in succession. D Wind -elemental combos 7
Rock Knuckles Physical Unarmed Deals five combo hits with Evil Gaze in succession. B Dark -elemental combos 5
Needle Olecranon Physical Unarmed Deals four combo hits with Boulder Crush in succession. C Earth -elemental combos 4
Absorber Palm Physical Unarmed Deals six combo hits with Sliprain in succession. D Water -elemental combos 6


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