A Prayer Slip is a type of weapon in which limited yet exclusive uses. It can home on any target, and they deal damage more effectively against certain types of enemies.

A Prayer Slip Attack power is different varying inetensity with different types of enemies they hit.


A Prayer Slip may home on any of their target. They deal damage effectively varying on their exclusiveness. Any Prayer Slip may be equipped varying with how many they may be equipped. They have a slightly slow reload since they need to fly back to the user in order for another attack.

The exclusive damage inflicting is note followed by the Rite Slip however, since they inflicts damage normally.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Rite Slip 11 50
Darkness Slip 15 70 Effective against Yamis/Demons
Spirit Paper 15 75

Effective against Mythions

Blood Slip 17

Effective against Blood-elementals

Humanity Prime 20 85 Effective against Humanoids
Reclusion Note 20 90 Effective against any non-elementals
High Slip 20 100 Effective against any elementals
Emanation Slip 25 130 

Obtained after the Sub-Chapter: Amidst the Wise

Boosts 10% of any Celestial Brush Gods stat overalls

Effective against any elementals

Celestial-elemental damage

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