School Fare Series Monsters
ムシトリスミレ属 (Mushitorisumire zoku)
Rank C-
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Type Attribute
Docile Melee
Class Property
Plant Amazon
Genus Element
Dorsarea Amazon/Water
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Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
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Wind Earth Dark Holy
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Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
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Dimension Blood Weather Aether
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Other Information Every 180 seconds fighting with it, it will summon more Pinguiline and sometimes Lengufolea for help

The Pinguiline is a Plantae/Dorsarea-type enemy in the School Fare series. Most of them are docile since they doesn't care for humans and the fact that they are quite laid-back since they aren't exactly mobile. It is only located on several locations, commonly at the Arma Zone Vale and the Manusgias Forest. Pinguiline have the Damage Bounce, Feint, Mobility Hold, Permeation and Viral abilities which allows them to be highly versatile when threatened. The first meeting with the Pinguiline will have an event when a group of botanists and hikers are stuck on 'clumps' of Pinguilines. The party needs to free them and a boss fight will commence.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

The Pinguiline is in fact, a large, plant monster which appearance closely relates itself with the Pinguicula plant. It's distinctive feature is its flower, stalk and the sticky leaves. Its 'roots' are like cups, but functions like springs as it helps with exerting pressure. Its leaves are like tree mushrooms, significantly soft and hairy with pinkish ooze. The stalk is short, but extendable it terms of nastic mobility. The flower greatly resembles a red stripe, cream colored daffodil, that is, for the common ones. The leader of the Pinguiline is distinguishable by its flower greatly resembling a lavenderish-violet Japanese Rhododendron. Under the stalk, it has its 'stigma', where any food(chosen with ficklish behaviour) collected with the flower is directly digested. The digested food via the stigma will then be the 'gland' for processing stickier ooze and for a much more better 'aroma-sensitivity' or 'aroma-tropism'.

Page 2: Responding BehaviourEdit

"This docile plant is known to harvest dead insect 'carcasses' via its flower. Sometimes, they would subdue their prey with their sticky ooze when desperate, but prefer not to do so because they might spread their ooze much around the areas. Their commander, those with the special flower, are far more defiant, persistent even, to catch a much more promising preys. Hence, such beings like humans and Fellynes should try to avoid or simply kill them on sight before they gain a much greater size."

Page 3: OriginEdit


The name Pinguilline is derived from the name 'Pinguicula', a plant with sticky, glandular leaves to trap and lure insects, similar fashion with the Drosera plants. Pinguicula's common name is 'Butterwort'.


  • The Pinguilline's design is based on both the Pinguicula moranensis and Pinguicula lusitanica.

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