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The Ouroboros is the Boss encountered at the Straight River during Chapter III: Patronage. It can later be fought as a Rare Game enemy at the Pharos of Archon.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

The Ouroboros is a relatively human-sized python with curiously shiny black scales while silverish at its volar side. It has no visible fangs until it increases in size. At the tip of its tail, it looks like the shoot of a Tea Leaves.

Page 2: BehaviourEdit

The Ouroboros is a random monster. It has a weird tendency to suddenly pop-out at somewhere due to it's ability to sometimes teleport from one place to another. It rarely slithers about, it prefers moving around like a wheel by biting the tip of its tail and make its own body shaped like a tire. As it keeps biting its tail, it grows in size. Additionally, its fangs are longer and virtually visible from its snout. In rare cases, some blood appears to be dripping not from its gums, but its fangs.


The Ouroboros pops out from the ground and brushes as it ambushes its enemies.

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