Ought To Be is one of the Soundtracks in School Fare series. It was written by Allan Zhayn in colab with Zachary Shawk. As of today, the track is practically incomplete due there being no vocalist to sing and record the song.


Everyday I'm wondering

How am I suppose to deal with it

Tell me what I've been doing

Cuz all the things I've done has been crashing to the ground

I ought to be


Even though I failed to try

I ought to be

Somebody's likable

So I could always be me

That's all I want

There's no hidden meaning behind it

The only thing I want

From anyone

To see that

I am just

Like everybody else

Now that I've been reflecting

All the things have been doing good

I really think that I'm progressing

I know that everyone now has accepted me

I ought to be


I ought to be

Perceptive for all the things I see

I want it to be

So that's simply the one

Thing that can keep me goin'

It's always been what I've wanted

From anyone

It soothes me

Like a childhood dream

That's why

I ought to be

History Edit

The song was written by Allan Zhayn as of the making of this page, although by that time, he didn't exactly wrote it or even discuss of it with Zachary Shawk. Allan Zhayn wished to make a song that reminiscent the "This Is Me" song sung by Demi Lovato in the Disney Movie 'Camp Rock'. His little wish was underminded, as he was not exactly good in writing a self-empowering song such as "This Is Me", he still believe that the song needs only revision in vocals and music genres. When he first wrote the song, he wishes the song to be a pop song, first starting slow, then gaining crescendo and speed in tempo, with added rock and techno beats to emphasizes the power of the singing person.

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