The Onyxacolyte is an Insect/Onyxchophra-type boss enemy in the School Fare series They are ultimately aggressive, and will rip anything it its sight, so hiding behind an object is not encouraged. A death blow by Onyxacolyte Death Sickle attack will instantaneously makes the character's body vanishes and cannot Mistify or Soulify even with Another Chance or Multi-Life until Onyxacolyte is killed. The first meeting with a Onyxacolyte will have an event which an Onyxacolyte and two Reapotail will ambushes the party. The Onyxacolyte will struck at one of the Reapotail until it implodes while the other one quivers with fear. The battle music is "Insatiable Maniac" instead of "Boss Battle".


  • The Onyxacolyte is completely derived from the Onychophora. Based on their name, it literally means "claw bearers", that is, with some weird attribution with their common name, "velvet worm".

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