A Ninjato is a type of versatile weapon excellent for its speed and dexterity adding passiveness. It is somewhat similar to Katanas, but drastically shorter in length.


A Ninjato can be used very fast. A Ninjato always grant excellent Reach in some cases are good for attacking any sort of enemies. Ninjatos are also adept enough to be used against Flying units for their Reach with higher probability. Note that Shinonome is the only Ninjato with the full capability to reach Flying units within possible range.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Ashura 18 50 Fire-elemental damage
Sakura-saezuri 19 50 Psychic-elemental damage
Kagenui 22 55 Aether-elemental damage

Koga Blade

25 55

Temporal-elemental damage

Iga Blade 27 70 Amazon-elemental damage
Shinonome(東雲) 15% Downed on hit

Always hit Flying units

Atomic-elemental damage

Onimaru Blood-elemental damage
Orochi 28 80 Dark-elemental damage
Yagyu Darkblade 31 85 Dark-elemental damage
Kuchiku-kan 40 110  Spatial-elemental damage

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